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Vibrational Workshop: Interconnectedness

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Senast uppdaterat: 2013-11-12. Tipsjakt-id: 1191.
Vibrational Workshop: Interconnectedness
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Stephen Muires

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Stephen Muires

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Vad Vibrational Workshop: Interconnectedness

Var Heart and Hand, Allhelgonagatan 5 i Stockholm

När Tipset har gått ut (söndag 15 december 2013)

"Can you cease looking to thought for an identity?" (Eckhart Tolle)

We are defined by our connection to other people. These are external inputs and restraints. There is another definition of who we are, of who "I am."

We are defined at a much deeper level by how the universe, the mountains, the rocks, the plants and animals, as well as other people speak to us in vibration, in energy, in light and love. This is far beyond words or thought.

This workshop in Stockholm is focusing on just this: feel the connection between the universe and you, and let that show you an identity greater than you ever imagined.

Föredrag, Kurs, Musik, Övriga evenemang
Pris: från 900 kr/person.
Ålder: Lämpligt från 12 år till 99 år. youareanotherme.wordpress...
Hitta hit: Stockholm » Heart and Hand, Allhelgonagatan 5
GPS-koordinater: 59.3095741, 18.0728645
Tillgängligt: Från 2013-12-15 till 2013-12-15
kl 10:00 - 17:00
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